Whether you are an outdoor professional or a professional who dreams of spending more time outdoors, Ruby Outdoors helps refine your systems and processes to free you up to reclaim the leisure, presence, and competence to make the best of your time outside.

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Ruby Compton has spent over ten years working in the outdoor industry in summer camp, environmental education, and management. The outdoors have always been a place of respite and comfort for Ruby and as she has progressed through her career, she has seen the importance of balance, professionalism, and prioritizing time to watch sunrises and sunsets on a regular basis. 

Ruby has special interests in work cultures, staff training, productivity, and systems and processes. She also has a special interest in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina where there is an outdoor adventure for any weather condition. The mountains are full of adventure, stories, peace, healing, and joy. 

Ruby shares her expertise presenting at conferences across the world, blogging, and podcasting on the staff training podcast Camp Code. She is an active volunteer for the American Camp Association and likes to nerd out about productivity hacks and craft beers. 



Murphy has been Ruby's best friend since November 2016. After spending some time at the Blue Ridge Humane Society and being separated from his brother (whose shelter name was Hot Rod), Murphy (formerly Daytona) wiggled into Ruby's life and has been a joyous addition to trail runs, evening snuggles, and morning sunrise-watching. 

Murphy particularly enjoys looking for the area's famous white squirrels, tugging on a rope, and putting his booty on things that he likes. He is a fantastic backpacking companion and Ruby thinks one day he might even come to love stand-up paddle-boarding.