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Why Hire a consultant?

Because the smartest leaders do.

You may feel like you are expected to have all the answers and all the areas of expertise but trying to achieve that level of knowledge in all things will wear you down.

An objective outside perspective may be the one thing you need to finish that project, fix your staff culture, and make the moves in your organization to see the growth you feel is possible.

Ruby Compton specializes in consulting services for the outdoor and camping industry to help leaders operate on the top of their game.

From evaluations, to facilitated discussions, to being an accountability buddy and project manager, Ruby can help you be the professional you want to be for yourself and your team. Contact Ruby today to discuss consultant services for your organization.

What kind of services can Ruby provide?

Here is a sampling though not a comprehensive list:

  • Refill the Toolbox - Skills for each week of camp to add to the staff members' repertoire
  • Mid-season training / evaluation / coaching
  • Coaching for challenging issues that arise
  • Late-hire training
  • Training/Program Development for CIT/LIT leaders
  • Program-area evaluation in-season for Waterfront, Ropes/Challenge Course/Nature Programming/Transportation
  • Building A Healthy Work Culture
  • 360-feedback from your team
  • Marketing Research (Where do your campers come from?)
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • *NEW in 2018 - Consent Education & Assault Prevention at Camp (Read the article here)