LEvel One

These sessions are designed for frontline staff members at outdoor programs.

  • Games & Community-Building

    • Low & No Prop Games

    • Facilitating Teambuilding Activities

    • Safely Conducting Low Challenge Course activities

  • Goal-Setting for Seasonal Staff

  • Ages & Stages of Youth Development

  • Teaching Staff to Teach

  • Rapport and Choice-Based Behavior Management Techniques

  • Leave No Trace Ethics & Other Outdoor Skills (firebuilding, how to pack a backpack)

  • Nature Programming

  • Make a Hike More Than a Hike

  • Start with the Mission

  • Building Trust with Parents on Opening Day

  • Waterfront Skill Verification & Best Practices

  • When Campers Want to Talk About Controversial Topics, How Do We Respond?

  • Putting Camp on Your Resume

  • Navigating Appropriate Social Media Use

  • Consent Education and Assault Prevention at Camp

  • Facilitated Discussion

    • Diversity & Equitable Work Environments

    • #MeToo / #TimesUP

    • Inclusion (LGBTQ, Special needs, race, gender, income)

    • Social Justice in a social media age

  • A variety of certification courses

Level two

These sessions are designed for leadership team and/or year-round staff.

  • Management 101 for those Supervising Others for the First Time

  • Having Difficult Conversations (participants, parents, staff, leadership)

  • "Radical Candor" Management

  • Recognizing Biases and Working Towards Equitable Management

  • Teaching Staff to Upsell Camp for Next Year

  • Performance Evaluations and Providing Feedback

  • Facilitated Discussion (with a focus on setting policies and work culture)

    • Diversity & Equitable Work Environments

    • #MeToo / #TimesUP

    • Inclusion (LGBTQ, Special needs, race, gender, income)

    • Social Justice in a social media age

  • Teambuilding for Summer Leadership Teams (and/or small teams)

  • Song-leading and public speaking

  • Running Large-Scale Emergency Drills

  • Productivity and Prioritizing Your Time at Camp

  • ACA Standards and Preparing for your Visit

LEvel Three

These topics are offered as keynote addresses.

  • Why Summer Camp Matters in the World Today

  • Marketable Skills Learned at Camp

  • Inspiring Awe, Wonder, and Curiosity

  • Changing the World with a Few Small Language Changes

  • Camp as the Living Laboratory for the Way the World Can Be

  • Nature + Mindfulness = Healing

  • Mentorship is the Mothership of Camping

  • You Teach Resilience But Are You As Resilient as You Can Be?

  • Refill the Toolbox - Skills for each week of camp to add to the staff members' repertoire

  • Interim Camp Director services

  • Mid-season training / evaluation / coaching

  • Coaching for challenging issues that arise

  • Late-hire training

  • Training/Program Development for CIT/LIT leaders

  • Program-area evaluation in-season

    • Waterfront

      • Inservice

      • Observations / Drills

      • Innovative programming

    • Ropes/Challenge course

      • Inservice

      • Observation / Drills

      • Innovative programming

    • Nature programming/hiking

      • Inservice

      • Observation / Drills

      • Innovative programming

    • Transportation

      • Inservice

      • Observation

  • Building A Healthy Work Culture

  • 360-feedback from your team

  • Marketing Research (Where do your campers come from?)

  • Marketing Plan Development

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LEvel Four

Other topics and trainings offered as consulting or training services throughout the summer or year.

Find out more about consulting services by clicking here.