Asking Your Boss to Support Your Attendance at the Women in Camp Summit

Now is the time to ask.

After reading this article entitled “Why Women Should Demand Professional Development,” I am reminded of a really important lesson that I have learned time and time again as an educator:

Every person learns differently.

Sure there are categories of learners and learning preferences. There are learning cycles and education strategies—and yet, when I think about many of the professional development events in the camping industry, they tend to be sit-and-get sessions with an “sage on stage” where learners taking a relatively passive role in their own learning.

In fact, that very reasoning is why I live tweet during conferences so I can retain what I’ve heard and continue to learn from it in the future as my followers engage with the nuggets I share.

I also think this is why many camp professionals discover that the networking time tends to be some of the most valuable time at a conference. Learning is social no matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. Engaging in conversation about an idea and thus formulating your thoughts and beliefs and understanding of the concept are the best ways to truly learn about a topic.

The Women in Camp Summit is designed with this in mind. With intentionally designed small group discussion and learning environments as well as opportunities for networking and mentorship, this is not a sit-and-get experience.

Today, ask your boss to support you in attending the Women in Camp Summit on November 7-9…

  • because it will make you a more effective and assertive leader when managing staff and parent relationships

  • because it is an economical option for a professional development that is designed by educators who understand how learning works.

  • because you will return refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the challenges in front of you

  • because your organization can proudly share that they support Women in Camping.

  • because your camp community wants to know what you are doing as an organization to prepare your campers and your staff to operate in a #metoo world

  • because you are worth investing in.

Registration for the Women in Camp Summit ends October 1, 2018 and can be completed at this site.

Boss says no but you still want to come? You deserve it. Contact about financial assistance and check out the Women in Camp Summit Ride & Room Share group to get linked up with others who can help you reduce your cost.